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SPEC MIX® provides 3 easy ways to lock-in colored mortar consistency. Building owners, designers and contractors
can choose any Custom Color we’ll match, or a Standard Color from our 25 Channel Color Kit, or go with the
Color Canister Systems “pick & mix” plan that turns SPEC MIX gray mortar into the color of your choice.


Blended to Perfection

Pick a color, any color under the sun!
We’ll accurately design, blend and bag your
color of choice.


25 Preblended Colors

The SPEC MIX 25 Standard Colored Mortar selection and
Channel Color Kit is available throughout North America.
You choose a color and we preblend your colored mortar
mix in 80 or 3,000 pound bags.


1 Can + 1 Bag = Consistent Color

The SPEC MIX 25 Color Canister System is perfect for
any size project and it’s simple! Just pick a color from
the 25 Channel Kit, then using your jobsite mixer add
1 Color Canister of pigment with 1 SPEC MIX 80 pound
bag of gray mortar. Simply follow the “1 Can to
1 Bag Plan” for perfect colored mortar every batch!

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