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COMPANY: Wade Masonry, Inc. COMPANY: United Masonry COMPANY: Kim Pierce Masonry

Stanton, KY Highland Heights, OH Spanish Fork, UT

The 2018 SPEC MIX BRICKLAYER 500 will In their second appearance on the SPEC Trint Pierce, 35, is no stranger to the SPEC
be Brian Wade’s second appearance on the MIX BRICKLAYER 500 World Championship MIX BRICKLAYER 500. This will be his third
World Championship stage. He is 42 years stage, Emilio Dibra and his tender, Charlie appearance at the World Championship
old, and will be supported by his tender, Cheatham are working hard to take home competition. However, this is his first as a
Brian Mullins. Brian got his start in the trade the title. Emilio is 39 years old, and followed mason, having been a tender for his dad and
as a tender, but quickly learned to lay on the his family into the trade at 18. mentor, Kim Pierce, twice before.
wall after a few short months. He has been
on the wall ever since. He is practicing every month leading up to Trint is practicing laying brick and block ev-
the Las Vegas showdown, and hopes to lay ery day to prepare for the competition, and
Brian is practicing for the competition by 720 brick perfectly. If he wins the title he hopes to lay 650 straight and clean brick to
laying the wall a couple of times. He hopes plans to celebrate his victory with his family. take the Title. If he wins, he plans to drive
to lay 750 brick to take home the title. If he home in his new truck, and take his family &
wins, he plans to celebrate by having a nice Emilo says the SMBL500 benefits the trade crew on vacation!
dinner with his wife before they prepare to by giving young kids and opportunity to get
travel home! into the trade. He says the SMBL500 benefits the trade by
creating an appreciation for the speed and
Brian believes the SMBL500 fosters brother- Emilio would like to thank all his family and quality work that masons produce.
hood between masons, informs everyone of friends for their support in getting him to the
new products, and encourages young people World Championship. Trint would like to thank his dad, Kim Pierce,
to consider masonry as a career. and all the guys he works with day in and
day out for all their support.
Brian would like to thank all his family,
friends, and coworkers for supporting him Ontario6 RIEL7 FILIPE
BROCK COMPANY: S & S Masonry COMPANY: Res Masonry, Inc.

TENDER: NICK MILLER Langley, BC Cookstown, ON
COMPANY: Brock Construction
Riel Voigt, 32, is back in Las Vegas compet- Filipe Orfao, 47, and his brother and
Ft. Atkinson, WI ing in his third straight SPEC MIX BRICK- tender Jose Orfao, are back for their fourth
LAYER 500 World Championship Event. He’s SMBL500 World Championship competition.
Jake Brock, 36, is no stranger to the SPEC been a mason for 10 years, starting in the Filipe has been a mason for 31 years, learn-
MIX BRICKLAYER 500 competition. He has trade as a laborer when he was 17. He says ing the trade from his older brothers while
competed in 9 Regional competitions and 5 he needed a job, but it turned into a career! still in school.
World Championships (4 times as a mason,
and once as a tender for his brother. Nick). To prepare for this event, Riel has been The brothers are preparing for the competi-
When asked how he’s preparing for this practicing his leads in his garage. He hopes tion by practicing at home. Filipe hopes to
event, he said he was practicing a lot and to lay 800 brick at the World Championship. lay 700 brick to win the Title. If he succeeds,
focusing on the mantra “smooth is fast, fast If he reaches his goal and wins the Title, he will celebrate with family and friends.
is smooth!” His goal of 750+ brick could win he plans to celebrate with hamburgers and
him the chance to enjoy a nice long drive sleep! Filipe believes the SMLB500 benefits the
home to Wisconsin in a shiny new Ford! trade by creating awareness and excitement
Riel says the SMBL500 benefits the trade by for younger generations and creates pride in
Jake thinks that the SMBL500 benefits the bringing more awareness to the amount of the skill of masonry.
trade with the coolness factor. “It’s simply skill needed to be a mason.
awesome!” he says. Filipe would like to thank his tender, Jose, all
Riel would like to thank his wife for keeping of his family and friends, Res Masonry, SPEC
Jake would like to thank his wife (Jaimie), him on his toes! MIX, Conestoga College, and all of the spon-
two little boys, grandparents, family, and sors for making the competition possible.
the baby sitter (Angie) for all their support
in getting to the World Championship. He’d
like to thank SPEC MIX & all the sponsors of
the event for supporting the trade, instilling
a sense of pride & confidence, and the boost
to his resume the SMBL500 gives. 35
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