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Hydro Mobile LAR350, Stabila’s new dual slope rotary laser, and
iQ Power Tools presents the iQMS362 - the the world’s first motion controlled laser. Select a
World’s First 16.5” Masonry Saw with an inte- The P Series gas over hydraulics power, ratchet type function on its interactive remote control, make
grated vacuum system, filter system, and dust drive mast climber is our most versatile and mobile vertical and horizontal adjustments with a twist of
containment while staying compliant with the new access tool. It is the perfect tool for smaller jobs that a wrist. The durable LAR 350 has a working range
OSHA regulations. require high capacity or for restrained work area of 2600’ with its IP 65 rating and will perform
where most mast climbing work platforms can’t flawlessly in extreme weather conditions. Stabila’s
WARNING: This is not your grandpa’s masonry fit, whether for new construction or restoration. built in patented protector system ensures that this
saw! Using a 3’ wide motor unit and a combination of laser will withstand drops of up to 6’ and remain
Durable and portable, the iQMS362 is built 3’ or 5’ wide modular bridges, the P Series can pass accurate. This laser features dual slope capabilities
to tackle any jobsite. The iQMS362’s specially through narrow openings and be hand assembled that can be established rapidly, without any pro-
designed 16.5” Q-Drive blade was engineered in difficult to access areas inside or outside of a gramming. The LAR 350 has a separate beam that
specifically for this tool. The blade cuts 40% faster building. Despite its smaller size, this unit can still allows you to square up a slab or establish control
than its competitors and with more accuracy. handle a 6 000 lb payload on 28’ (single) and 10 lines very quickly. Achieve precise long-distance
000 lb on 84’ (twin). With its high load capacity to outdoor layout and control lines with the REC 300
• The iQMS362 features the following industry size ratio, and a climbing speed of up to 7’ / min, it digital receiver that shows fractional increments in
firsts: is ideal for multi-residential or small commercial imperial or metric measurements. This completely
masonry jobs between 15’ and 100’ in height. dust and waterproof receiver has a protection class
• 16.5 blade with a 5.5 depth and a full 24” Visit for more IP 67 and can endure falls up to 10’. The LAR 350 is
length of cut information. made in Germany and engineered with precision &
reliability to withstand jobsite conditions. From ex-
• Runs on 120 volts and 20 amps terior applications, excavation, concrete and brick
• Easy Transport System with Integrated Stand & block laying require establishing level & sloped
• Wheels designed for rough terrain grades and setting elevations to interior layout of
• Unmatched cutting speed walls. This multi-function laser has it covered. Sta-
• OSHA Silica PEL compliant bila lasers come with a 2-year warranty, and repairs
In a Power Per Volt (PPV) comparison and engi- have a 48 hour turnaround from when the laser is
neered to mitigate dust, the iQMS362 outperforms received.
all other saws on the market.
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