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The Quality Workmanship Criteria Judges Use for the SPEC MIX BRICKLAYER 500

HEIGHT 12 34 56 7 PLUMB

The top surface of the last full double-wythe course laid is checked for height. Both ends and the face of the wall must be
The height tolerance over the wall length will be +/- 1/4 inch or less and will within 1/4 inch or less of being truly vertical.
be measured by taking a height measurement on each end and in the middle Judges use the mason’s level at four plumb
points at each end of the wall and one plumb
of the wall on the working side to the last completed double wythe. Before point in the middle of the working side of the
the competition, each mason sets three pins in the mortar joint under the wall for a total of nine plumb points. For each
starter course of brick on each end and in the middle on the working side of plumb point failing to meet the plumb point
his wall that marks the points of measure. Judges will average the three height tolerance, there is a 50 brick deduction from
measurements. Each individual measurement cannot vary by more than +/- the final brick count (maximum 450 brick
1/4 inch from that average (100 brick deduction from the final brick count.) deduction.)


Brick in the wall must be laid face shell out. Each brick not laid The wall cannot have more than 20 voids. Judges use an S-Jointer. Upon
face shell out, “Shiners”, will result in a 50 brick deduction from visual inspection, if there appears to be a void, the judge will attempt to
the final brick count on either side of the wall. tool the head joint and bed joint. If the void can be reasonably filled, it
will not be counted as a void. Walls exceeding 20 voids results in a 100
brick deduction from the final brick count.

CHIPPED BRICK Brick with chips greater in size than LIPPED BRICK
1/2” in diameter are not to be used in
the competition. Each brick contain- Lipped brick in the wall must be less than 1/4”.
ing a chip greater in diameter will Each brick determined to be lipped greater
result in a 50 brick deduction from
the final brick count. than 1/4-inch results in a 50 brick deduction
from the final brick count.


Mortar joint thickness tolerance for head joints are not less than 1/8 There is a 25 brick deduction in the final brick count if there are
inch or greater than 3/4 inch. If there are any head joints exceeding any locations in the bed joints that are less than 1/4 inch or greater
3/4 inch or less than 1/8 inch, a 25-brick deduction in the final brick than 5/8 inch. Only one 25-brick deduction can occur in a single
count is assessed per occurrence (maximum 250-brick deduction.) mortar bed joint for the length of the wall on each side. There is a
maximum total deduction of 250 brick per competition wall.
Only one deduction can take place at a single head joint.


Each individual brick on both sides of the wall are to be laid level. Each brick that appears to be out of level or
“tipped” will be judged using a digital level set to the inches per foot reading. The digital level will be lined up
with either the top or bottom edge of a brick that appears to be tipped. If the brick is out of level by more than
1/4 inch (inclinometer reads 3/8 inch), the competitor will be assessed a 25-brick deduction for each brick
found on either side of the wall and in any course (maximum deduction 250 brick.) 13
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