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workmanship and technique of world-class won the TOP CRAFTSMAN Award, which masonry promotion impacting our industry!”
said O’Connor.
bricklayers. However, the basics have not was accomplished in 2014 by Jerry Goodman,
Lynn Nash, Executive Vice President of the
changed. Each team, comprised of a mason 56, who perfectly laid 644 bricks. North Carolina Mason Contractors As-
sociation, agrees with O’Connor’s assess-
and a tender, have 60-minutes during which The competition’s excitement and display ment, “SPEC MIX is among a select and
they build a 26 foot 8 inch, double-wythe of human endurance continue to enthrall forward-thinking group of masonry supply
brick wall as high as possible. All bricks must spectators while drawing the attention of the companies willing to dedicate extraordinary
be placed by the mason. Following the wall worldwide media. Over the years, hundreds resources to propagating the masonry trade,
building and a short rest period, the bricklay- of thousands have witnessed several aspects even when the results are perhaps difficult
ers are given twenty minutes to clean their of the battle in news reports and YouTube to quantify and probably benefit other firms,
wall. Then, the walls are measured, inspected, videos, read press articles and heard radio including their competitors, as much as their
and reviewed by a select group of 25 or more interviews and broadcasts of the SPEC MIX own company. I think that’s just exactly
experienced judges from North America. De- BRICKLAYER 500. The competition has what’s happening. Everyone in the industry
ductions are made from the total brick count been featured on national network television, is reaping the rewards from the excitement
for rule infractions and tolerance deficiencies. their local affiliates, cable television, trade generated at these competitions,” says Nash.
(See “Laying by the Rules” on page 13 for magazines and social media sites, including “The SPEC MIX Bricklayer 500 Competitions,
more information.) numerous blogs discussing what makes a both regionally and in Las Vegas, generate
excitement in the masonry community. These
The SPEC MIX BRICKLAYER 500® has four great bricklaying competition. contests have people talking about masonry
in a positive way. And that’s a good thing!”
awards. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards THE INDUSTRY’S RESPONSE...
are based on the highest brick count meet- GREAT PARTNERSHIPS AND
ing the quality standards. The fourth prize Jim O’Connor, executive secretary of the
designation, and arguably considered the Mason Contractors Association of Greater Bringing sponsors into the program helped
most coveted prize, is the SPEC MIX TOP Chicago, has been a key part of the SPEC expand promotions, create greater awareness,
CRAFTSMAN® Award. All the judges select MIX BRICKLAYER 500 since its inception. and take the SPEC MIX BRICKLAYER 500 to
higher levels. “The power of cross-marketing
Not only is O’Connor one is immeasurable when 16 strong brands and
their people all partner to deliver a mes-
“The SPEC MIX competitions, both regionally of primary commentators sage…we’re very grateful to have such great
sponsors. They all work hard to support the
and in Las Vegas, generate excitement in at the World Championship industry,” says Mr. Carney. Sponsorship levels
are divided between Platinum, Gold and
the masonry community. These contests Event that interacts with Contributor categories. Some of the compa-

have people talking about masonry in a the crowd, he is recognized

positive way. And that’s a good thing!” as a true spokesperson for

-Lynn Nash, Executive VP of the NCMCA the masonry industry and
a strong advocate of the

the wall evaluated to be the “most sellable competition. He believes that mason contrac-
wall” with a brick count over 500 and zero tors, as well as actual bricklayers and laborers,
craftsmanship deductions. Only once in the have all benefited from this annual promo-
event’s 16 year history has the Champion also tion. “This is hands down the single greatest

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