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nies and associations have been part of the impact and benefit this program brings to the Mike Sutter, Chairman of the Mason Contrac-
event since the early years; Marshalltown Tool
Company joined the effort in its inaugural masonry industry,” says Joel Guth, President tors Association of America and owner of
year (2003) and remains a dedicated sponsor
today. and co-founder of iQ Power Tools™. “The Sutter Masonry, Inc. The combined efforts of

“Supporting this event is a great way to show SMBL500 has focused so much great attention all the companies and organizations involved
our appreciation and help promote the trade,”
says Kim Haley, Marketing Administrator, on the skilled mason, it’s wonderful! This is are the key to the program’s huge success. “It
Marshalltown Tool Company. “There is a
large workforce gap that desperately needs to the biggest masonry event in the world, both shines a spotlight on the masonry industry,
be filled for years to come in order to restore
our historical structures and build new ones iQ Power Tools and I personally are so proud giving young men and women the opportu-
for future generations to admire.”
to be a part of it.” nity to examine a career in masonry that they
According to Nick Blohowiak, SPEC MIX
National Sales Manager of Masonry Products, may not have previously considered.”
“Our sponsors take pride in being proactive, “Multiquip is proud to be an active sponsor of
hands-on supporters of the tradesmen and
industry. Whenever there’s an opportunity both the Regional and “THE CRAFTSMANSHIP AND SKILL DEMONSTRATED BY
to contribute, they’re ready to help make the World Championship PARTICIPANTS GENERATES EXCITEMENT AND INTEREST
event a success.” As masonry product and SPEC MIX BRICK-
equipment producers, the sponsors all have a LAYER 500 Events,” IN MASONRY CONSTRUCTION. IT IS EXACTLY WHAT’S
vested interest in strengthening the industry says Juan Quiros, NEEDED TO ATTRACT THE NEXT GENERATION OF MASONS
so it’s better positioned to capture market
share. This is another primary objective of the Senior Director of En- TO THE TRADE AND PROMOTE OUR INDUSTRY.”
SPEC MIX BRICKLAYER 500 initiative that
is winning the praise and admiration of fans gineering & Product -JUAN QUIROS, MULTIQUIP INC.
and followers. Support at Multiquip,

“As a longtime supporter of the SPEC MIX Inc. “The craftsmanship and skill demonstrat- Now is the time! You are invited to join the
BRICKLAYER 500, we have seen the huge
ed by participants is exactly what’s needed to masonry movement that is rallying at the

attract the next generation of masons to the 2018 SPEC MIX BRICKLAYER 500 World

trade and promote our industry.” Championship. It’s an experience you don’t

Every year, the SPEC MIX BRICKLAYER want to miss. Thousands of your industry
500 draws attention to the masonry craft and peers will be celebrating 16 years of ma-
proves that by pulling together to achieve a sonry pride and working together to achieve
common goal−promote masonry construc- our primary goal: KEEPING THE TRADE
tion−good things will happen. SPEC MIX and STRONG!

its co-sponsors have built the perfect model.


our entire industry together and shows what

is possible when we work as partners,” says 19
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