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By now you’ve probably worked with BIM on a project or heard Material Mixing
about it! The industry organization BIM-M (Building Informa-
tion Modeling for Masonry), will in the Innovation Area in the Ready to see the latest and greatest way to reduce dust when mixing mortar
Bronze Lot at World of Masonry this January. We hope you will and grout?! You’re invited to visit the SPEC MIX “Material Mixing Station”
stop by and hear what else BIM-M has been working on and meet located in the Innovations & Workforce Development Zone to see the latest
some of the experts. developments integrated into our silo systems to mitigate exposure to dust.
This year we have some great demonstrations and presentations As a leader in the materials supply and on-site material delivery systems,
happening such as: SPEC MIX® takes pride in continuing to provide its customers with timely
information and solutions to keep projects moving forward in a fashion that
• Fred Kinateder with how to get started working in the BIM addresses worker safety and OSHA Standards.
environment. Fred will share case studies that illustrate the
deliverables and benefits from modeling masonry. During our demonstration we’ll be handing out the new SPEC MIX “Mate-
rial Use Guide”, a resource designed to educate and prepare contractors with
• Tom Cunieo and Mike Giem of CADBLOX sharing exam- pertinent information regarding OSHA’s New Crystalline Silica Rule for Con-
ples of BIM Coordination and their new Revit Plugin 3Diq struction (29 CFR 11926.1153). Attendees will see the new silo accessories
that will allow accurate masonry models in Revit for both for reducing dust at the mixing station and we’ll discuss our Work Control
designers and contractors. Practices Guide developed to help train on-site personnel how to use SPEC
MIX silo systems and products in a safe way that should reduce unnecessary
• Sam Cummings from Tekla will demonstrate their construc- exposure to dust. Like any other tool on site, it is of the utmost importance
tion modeling software has been developed for contractors that workers mixing products are properly trained to ensure they are not put-
enabling them to model masonry faster and more accurately. ting themselves at risk—so stop at the SPEC MIX Material Mixing Station—
These tools are especially useful for modeling intricate details let’s make sure job site safety is your focus in 2018!
like rebar placement.

• Mike Kinateder from KMI Construction will share some
masonry models he has built for projects, deliverables KMI
has gotten from those models, and how the models have im-
proved his company’s workflows and processes.

• Art Theusch from Collaborative will give examples of how
contractors are using laser scanning and drones to create 3D
models with accurate field dimensions. The information this
technology provides will allow our contractors to continue to
improve their work processes in the field.

These programs are a must-see for contractors and will last ap-
proximately 20 minutes each and be repeated in the morning and
afternoon. Speakers will also be available throughout the day for
you ask questions. Come to the BIM-M booth in the Bronze Lot at
the World of Masonry and see how you can use building informa-
tion modeling technology to become more profitable and make
your company a valuable part of the construction team on your
upcoming projects.

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