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This past March, in Charleston, SC, How does North Carolina continue to succeed RECRUITING THE NEXT GENERATION
masonry experts and aficionados in recruiting and training some of the best
congregated for the North Carolina masons in the country? Introducing masonry

Mason Contractors Association Annual Con- early to youth is something everyone sup-

vention. There, we took the opportunity to ask ported. Bob Gates, owner of Gates Construc-

some of the leaders in the industry about their tion and current president of the NCMCA,

strategies for attracting today’s youth into a expressed the importance of working closely

career in masonry. They all agreed that one of with area high schools, “The key to a good

the biggest obstacles we face is the physicality high school course is the teacher. We need to

of the job. “You’ve got to first be willing to do do our best to support their needs.”

hard work, physical work. It’s “THE KEY TO A GOOD HIGH SCHOOL COURSE IS J.
not glamorous work,” said Kent THE TEACHER. WE NEED TO DO OUR BEST TO
Huntley, co-owner of Huntley SUPPORT THEIR NEEDS.”
Brothers Company and a third
generation mason. Danks - BOB GATES, GATES CONSTRUCTION,
Burton, owner of Pinnacale PRESIDENT, NCMCA
Masonry for over 25 years said,

“Most parents do not want to J.M. Robinson High School masonry instruc-
push kids this way. [Recruiting] today’s type tor, Darren Hartsell, had his own masonry
of child is challenging.” company prior to going into teaching, and

Is the masonry industry facing challenges? is instrumental in passing on masonry skills

Yes, but are they insurmountable, NO, and to new generations. He explains, “It is both

many masonry communities across the U.S. classroom and hands on. Masonry programs

are making great strides! are for kids that want to build a skill, work

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