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with their hands rather than book work.” FLORIDA
Hartsell believes that there is no replacement
for job training, but early exposure at the high As the United States began to recover from the Great Recession, Florida Masonry Ap-
school level is instrumental for recruitment prenticeship Programs started to grow. The economy in Florida is going well, despite
into employer sponsored training programs. enduring recent Hurricanes Hermine (2016), Matthew (2016) and Irma (2017). We are
“In Cabarrus County we put ourselves on also seeing robust growth in construction.
top for producing great masons. Our region
participates in many skills contests. A 4-year Florida’s construction apprenticeship programs have always been strong because we
degree is great, but teach a kid a skill and it have a strong partnership with the Department of Education and good support from
is like riding a bike, he can go back to it. This the Florida Legislature.
program gives the opportunity to churn out
productive citizens. The high school programs In Florida, our apprenticeship programs can partner with either the State Colleges or
are preparation. A company can hire and then Area Technical Colleges to provide their apprenticeship related education. Through
go in and mold a young mason.” this partnership, the Department of Education will waive the tuition fees and pay for
an instructor, as well as provide classroom space at the school for the program, if there
Greg Huntley of McGee Brothers agreed are at least 15 registered apprentices. If the Apprenticeship Sponsor uses their own
that early exposure to the trade is key, but it facility, the Department of Education will pay directly to the Sponsor, through one of
may not be enough. “We need to go to high the schools in the District, a pre-set amount of dollars for each apprentice. (example: if
schools and play an active role with contests you have 15 registered apprentices, the school in the District will pay the Apprentice-
that offer cash prizes.” Hartsell agreed, “You ship Sponsor between $1,000.00 and $2,000.00 per apprentice). This money can be
have to fire up the kids. Contests and cash used for education of the apprentices only. (Teachers, books, materials etc.…).
prizes get kids excited.” Greg’s brother Kent
added, “If we get in front of those kids, we To further enhance skills training in Florida, the Department of Education has a
can maybe attract some.” Huntley Brothers, program that was passed by the Florida Legislature called the CAPE FUNDS. When a
through local schools, attract at least 10 – 12 student completes a Career and Technical Education course and receives their Indus-
possible future masons a year. Not all stay but try Credential from a High School or a Technical College, the school will receive an
some come back. amount up to $1,000.00 per student from these CAPE FUNDS. The school must put
80% of this money back into the program from which the student graduated. 20% of
The NC industry’s consistency in offering the money earned is used for bonuses for the instructor. Currently, an instructor can
competitions is unwavering. Judges, equip- receive a 5% bonus for each Industry Credential his students earn. This amounts to
ment and product like mortar and bricks are $25.00 per student with a cap of $2000.00 per year. The remainder of the money goes
all donated by leaders in the masonry indus- into the school’s general fund.

continued on pg 43... The construction industry in Florida requires that students who want to be employed
in the trades demonstrate that they are prepared to enter the workforce. The industry
recognizes Credentialing as an essential first step.

As an incentive to encourage contractor participation, the
Florida State Legislature provides companies who participate
in Registered Apprenticeship a discount on their Workers
Compensation rate.

In 2014, the Florida State Legislature passed a CHECK OFF
for the Concrete Industry. A Block Producer can collect a pen-
ny for every block that is sold in Florida. The monies that are
collected go to the Florida Concrete and Masonry Education
Council (FCMEC). This money must be used for Masonry
Education, Research and Promotion.

As you can see, Florida has made great strides in the effort to
ensure that our Construction Industry develops a well-trained
Workforce. 43
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