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respect in American society. Today’s youth have limited knowledge, certain they keep employees on a fast track to keep interest up. “We
knowledge that is not complete, about masonry.” always need someone waiting in the wings.” He makes certain that the
young laborer gets to lay one brick every single day. “Let him touch a
Training programs not only vary from school to school, but from trowel. Feel self-worth. It might take five minutes to lay that brick but
company to company. Huntley Brothers utilizes the NC Certified Vo- he can go home and tell his dad he’d laid a brick in the wall. This begins
cational Program offered through the church. Gates Construction pairs to create the sense of pride. You need to start them up the ranks.” Gates
new masons with journeymen. Pinnacale Masonry focuses on teaching said it was important to give the means and methods for advancement.
how to lay brick daily, without a formal training program. They all
agreed that fast tracking apprentices is the best way to retain young A sense of pride is an underlying benefit each mason we spoke with
masons. “No longer are we getting the guy with a farm background,” touched on. According to Corriher one thing that drives a student is
Calvin Brodie also said, “We now get 18-year-olds…and with them the artistic side of masonry. “Look what I built. Look what I created.”
we need to fast track to keep.” Greg Huntley said his company makes Calvin Brodie called the mason a clay artist. “You can look back and

BAC Training Centers Focus on Quality Craftsmanship, Worker Safety, and Consistency across Country

Masonry craftworkers build the structures people rely on daily. Constructing safe and efficient buildings is a big responsibility – one that re-
quires quality training and hands-on learning to hone the skills to carry out the job.

That’s where the International Masonry Training and Education Foundation (IMTEF) comes in, which provides free training and continuing
education to members of the International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers (BAC). IMTEF is funded through a grant from the In-
ternational Masonry Institute (IMI), a labor-management organization created by BAC members and the contractors who employ them. With
34 training centers across the country – including The John J. Flynn National Training Center in Maryland – IMTEF caters to craftworkers at all
stages of their career.

With a focus on quality, safety, and consistency, the National Training Center not only helps pre-job apprentices, apprentices, and journeywork-
ers start and advance their careers, but also grooms some of the best masonry instructors in the country.

IMTEF’s Instructor Certification Program (ICP) prepares BAC/IMTEF instructors – all of whom are experienced journey-
level workers – to teach material and coach students to succeed. What’s more, IMTEF continually develops new curriculum
so that students receive the same level of career preparation and training, whether they are taking courses in New York,
California, or somewhere in between.

In Arcadia, California, BAC Local 4 Carries on Trade’s Integrity by Bringing up Next Generation
BAC Local 4 in Arcadia, California has doubled its apprenticeship program’s retention rate since updat-
ing their training schedule to a year-round cycle. Students come through the center four times a year
for a full week, giving them in-depth, hands-on training and the opportunity to start and finish projects
and mockups during their stay.
Just like in Indiana, the California training center has turned out students that have won regional and
national competitions, like Christopher Dubief, who took home second place in the Third Year Appren-
tice category at the 2017 World of Concrete Masonry Skills Challenge. The win – and skills required to
place in the competition – paid off: shortly after graduating, he went on to work as a foreman.
“Training is one of the union’s main strengths. It helps maintain the trade’s integrity by creating a way
to carry on the skills for one of the oldest trades in existence, and to create long-lasting buildings and
structures,” remarked Collins. Masonry is one of the few trades that offers a complete system of struc-
tural integrity and beauty all in one step. It has a strength and prestige that stands out and appeals to
people everywhere.”

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