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try. It takes organization, sponsorship, equip- man for the masonry industry. A starting attended college for 6 years. After a long haul,
ment, products, prizes, and hands on help for pay of $10 per hour he tells his student is just an archeology degree and a lot of debt, she is
contests to occur. When discussing contests that, starting. Once you’re trained and begin currently selling dresses at her local depart-
with Kent Huntley he asked a question and to move forward within the industry $50,000 ment store. “Everybody is not cut out for col-
replied as well, “Do we get enough out of the to $150,000 or more per year with benefits lege. The industry needs to show that success
skills contests? We have to try.” can be a reality. Greg Huntley talks about that can be achieved without going to college,”
the benefits of on the job training, “It begins says Gates. “There is a lot of vocation out
On September 26, 2017 a large crowd at- with $10 an hour but that leads to $25,000, there that does not require a 4-year degree.
tended the NCMCA Metrolina Greater $30,000 a year. Over 4 years add that up. You Why the heck are we pushing college?” asks
Charlotte Chapter meeting where a total of 11 have $120,000, a learned trade and no school Burton.
masons, apprentices and masonry students debt. Look how far ahead you are.” At Gates
were honored for their awards and contest construction they encourage guys to think All North Carolina areas do not offer the
successes in 2017. It is proof that industry outside the box. You don’t have to have a same masonry training in schools. Some
efforts continue to whittle away generation trowel in your hand the rest of your life. You schools do not offer any. Steve Corriher, the
labor gaps. Another recent success of industry can move up the lines of advancement. Gates Division Director of Construction Technolo-
mentoring is Luke Dutton of McGee Broth- also said that earning potential could far gies at Central Piedmont Community College,
ers. He will represent the United States at the exceed what results from college. suspects it may be because it is comparatively
biannual 2017 WorldSkills Competition this a costly program. It requires space far larger
October in Abu Dhabi, UAE. In comparison, a 4-year degree at a traditional than the average classroom with fewer kids in
college often times will lead to mountains of a class. He himself works at creating short-
Money, both in the form of prize winnings debt and no guarantee of a job after gradua- term training programs within his communi-
and salary, is another huge recruitment tool. tion. Greg Huntley spoke about a discussion ty college, and feels that college left the trades
Hartsell realizes as a teacher he is also a sales- he had with a woman at a skills contest. She behind. “Trades have lost their luster and 45
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